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Bridal Makeup Services

Welcome to Makeup By Kiani, where beauty is not just a service, but an art form. Our passion lies in creating timeless and enchanting makeup looks for every momentous occasion in your life. From the elegance of bridal makeup to the excitement of prom night, and the glamour of special events and pageants, we are dedicated to making you look and feel your absolute best. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to enhancing your natural beauty, we offer a range of personalized services tailored to your unique style and preferences. Whether you're walking down the aisle, celebrating love with friends and family, or competing on stage, let Makeup By Kiani be your trusted partner in bringing your beauty visions to life. Step into a world of sophistication and luxury, where every brushstroke is infused with passion and creativity. Your journey to stunning makeup begins here.

Bridal Makeup Packages

Bridal Essentials

Trial, Day of Service

Bridal Premium

Trial, Engagement Photos, Day of Service

Bridal Exclusive

Trial, Engagement Photos, Bridal Portraits, Bridal Shower, Day of Service

Additional Bridal Services

Location Set Up, Engagement Photos, Bridal Shower
Studio Location in historic downtown Augusta

Additional Bridal Services

Location Set Up, Engagement Photos, Bridal Shower, Studio Location in historic downtown Augusta

Bridal Squad

Mother of Bride, M.O.H., Bridesmaids: $125ea
Junior Bridesmaid, Flower Girl: $50ea

Bridal Squad

Mother of Bride, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids: $125ea
Junior Bridesmaid, Flower Girl: $50ea

Additional Services

Tattoo/Blemish Covering: $50 per surface area

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